Conflict and Creativity

Explore the relationship between art and war

Host – Anthony Cooper

Australia, War and the Visual Arts

Margaret Hutchison

For more than a century Australia has recorded its wartime involvements with paintings and sketches, by both official and unofficial war artists. Margaret will illustrate the work of these artists and speak of the ways in which they have influenced community perceptions of the events of war.

The Battle for Hearts and Minds

Jared Archibald

Guns, tanks, and bombs are typical elements in the arsenal of warfare. Words and imagery, cleverly combined, also serve as weapons in wartime. The subtle or confronting art of propaganda can sway the mood and morale of a single soldier, a battalion, or even a nation when used with skill. Jared Archibald, Curator of Territory History at the Museum and Art Gallery of the NT, will discuss a selection of local and foreign propaganda posters and leaflets, and tease out the lies and truths behind them.

Artistic expressions from the audience will be welcomed!

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Dr Anthony Cooper

Anthony has had five books published. He has written four substantial campaign histories of RAAF units in World War II, covering both the European and Pacific Theatres: Darwin Spitfires: the real battle for Australia (2011 & 2013); Kokoda Air Strikes: Allied air forces in New Guinea, 1942 (2014) , RAAF bombers over Germany 1941-42 (2016), and Paddy Finucane and the legend of the Kenley Wing: No. 452 (Australian) Squadron, 485 (New Zealand) Squadron and 602 (City of Glasgow) Squadron with the Kenley Wing, 1941 (2016). Anthony’s second book, Darwin Spitfires, told the story of the RAAF Spitfire Wing’s air defence of Darwin against the Japanese air raids of 1943, winning the Chief Minister’s NT History Book Award in 2013. He also wrote a condensed campaign history of the American 49th Fighter Group’s air defence of Darwin against the Japanese raids of 1942, entitled, ‘Darwin 1942: the missing year’, published online by The Territory Remembers in The Territory at war: a collection of stories (2017).

Dr Margaret Hutchison

Margaret (Meggie) Hutchison is a lecturer in history at the Australian Catholic University, Brisbane. Her research focuses on the history of war, culture and memory. She is the author of Painting War: A history of Australia’s First World War Art Scheme which was published with Cambridge University Press in 2018. She is also co-editor of a forthcoming collection of essays on painting, memory and war which will be published with the University of Alabama Press in 2019.

Jared Archibald

Jared Archibald has worked in the museum sector for 26 years. He spent 16 years as the taxidermist at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT), and is now employed there as the Curator of Territory History. He has a keen interest in Northern Territory history, with special emphasis on its rich military history. He was part of the team that developed the Defence of Darwin Experience at East Point, and was the Lead Curator for the recently opened Unruly Days: Life in the Territory 1911-1921 exhibition at MAGNT. Researching and telling the stories of the people, places, events, and objects that have shaped the Northern Territory into what it is today is his primary research focus.


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