Military Film Festival

The Territory Tribute Military Film Festival will present to audiences some of the most significant wartime moments in Australia’s history.

Browns Mart Theatre in Darwin will play host to a number of films and documentaries curated by Foxtel’s HISTORY channel, covering such topics as the ANZAC contribution to western front victories, mateship between Australia and the USA, and the Bombing of Darwin.

The festival will include three days of action across Thursday 11 April, Saturday 13 April and Sunday 14 April, and will conclude with a final day on Anzac Day, Thursday 25 April, at the Deckchair Cinema.

Join us, and be immersed in not only Australia’s, but Darwin’s unique wartime history.

You can download the full program, or read it below.

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Thursday 11th April, 6:30 pm, Browns Mart Theatre 

$5.00 tickets available at the door

Winning World War I (90 min) PG

An in-depth look at the ANZAC contribution to the western front victories battle by battle. Although the loss of life was greater, unlike Gallipoli the ANZACS were a key component in the allied success story. Unlike the defeat at Gallipoli, Australians were very effective and largely responsible for Winning World War I on the Western Front. Presenter/Producer Dr Jonathan King.

Produced by Dunheved


Saturday 13th April, 2:00 pm, Browns Mart Theatre 

$5.00 tickets available at the door

Mateship: Australia & USA – A Century Together

(60 min) M (War Footage)

Mateship: Celebrating 100 Years is a landmark 60-minute special exploring the special relationship between Australia and the United States of America. For a century the USA and Australia have fought together in every major conflict, one of the longest alliances in modern history.
Hosted by acclaimed Australian journalist Mike Munro, this is a fascinating and entertaining story of trust, difference, loyalty and respect: it is an epic story of Mateship.

Produced by WildBear Entertainment


Saturday 13th April, 4:00 pm, Browns Mart Theatre 

$5.00 tickets available at the door

The Tragedy of the Montevideo Maru (60 min) PG

The story of the Montevideo Maru, Japanese POW ship sunk by the Americans during WWII and killing over 1,000 fine young Australian men. This outstanding documentary is presented and narrated by Australian actor John Jarratt and produced by award winning documentary Producers Bob Blasdall and John Schindler.

Produced by Schindler Entertainment


Sunday 14th April, 2:00 pm, Browns Mart Theatre 

$5.00 tickets available at the door

The Bombing of Darwin: An Awkward Truth

(60 min) PG

Australia’s first “physical contact with war”, as Curtin described it, occurred on the morning of 19 February 1942. A formation of 188 Japanese aircraft struck Darwin with tremendous ferocity, sinking eight ships, destroying 23 aircraft and scoring direct hits on the wharf, Post Office and Government House.

The Bombing of Darwin: An Awkward Truth takes us inside the official Inquiry, allowing the key witnesses of the Darwin bombing to describe the events in their own words.

Produced by Artemis Media


Sunday 14th April, 4:00 pm, Browns Mart Theatre 

$5.00 tickets available at the door

Gallipoli From Above (60min) PG

Gallipoli from Above will reveal a truth about the ANZAC landing far more significant than the myths about poor planning, wrong beaches and British generals sending the ANZACS to certain death. A true story of how a team of Australian officers used aerial intelligence, emerging technology and innovative tactics to plan the landing at Anzac Cove.

Produced by John Moore Productions


Thursday 25th April, 7:30 pm, Deckchair Cinema

Tickets between $8.00 – $16.00,
available for purchase online via Deckchair Cinema

(Two film session) 

Harry’s War (28min) MA15+

Harry’s War is a story of mateship, brothers in arms and friendship that embraces culture, war and death. Harry and Mitch are two mates who go off to fight in the jungles of Papua New Guinea during World War II. Harry is a Koorie and Mitch a non-Aboriginal Australian. Harry’s War is about when mateship transcends race, cultural differences, and societal barriers. It is a story of how war drives men to the brink and the journey becomes more important than the journey’s end.


They Shall Not Grow Old (100min) MA15+

The documentary is an extraordinary and unique look back at WW1, using never-before-seen film footage captured at the time and narrated by British survivors of the war. Employing state-of-the-art technology to transform audio and moving image archive footage more than a century old, Peter Jackson brings to life the people who can best tell the story of World War I: the men who were there. Driven by a personal interest in the conflict, Jackson sets out to explore the day-to-day experience of its combatants.

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